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San Francisco, CA 94102

Group FAQs

How many people are considered a group?
A group is 8 or more people traveling together. If you have a smaller group but still have trip questions, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

Is it possible to make a group reservation online?
Unfortunately, we can't accept online group reservations because group trips require careful planning and special arrangements. Instead, our Group Request Form is an easy way to contact us about your visit. Our staff will work with you to determine all of your requirements, finalize your reservation, and help to make your group's stay comfortable and trouble-free.

I'm not sure which HI San Francisco hostel is right for my group. What should I do?
This is a very common question, and we're here to help! Our staff can recommend the ideal location for your group's needs and itinerary. Use our Group Request Form to contact us.

What do I do if my group wants to visit several hostels?
This is easy to do. Simply inform our staff of your plans using our Group Request Form. We'll send you information on availability in San Francisco and help you coordinate your reservation with other hostels. All HI USA hostels accept group reservations based on availability, including all three HI San Francisco hostels.

How can I make group reservations for hostels outside the United States?
HI USA's national group sales manager can assist you with international reservations. Please contact groups@hiusa.org with your request, including destination, group size, and prospective dates.

Hostel Customs

All ages are welcome!
You may have heard that only "youth" can stay in hostels, but this is not true. Our hostels are open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Quiet hours
Because you're sharing accommodations with other guests, there is generally quiet time from 11 p.m. - 7 a.m.

Smoking and alcohol
Our hostel is nonsmoking. Alcohol is not allowed in the hostel, except during our weekly beer tastings and cheese-and-wine nights (see Hostel Activities).

Traditionally, chores have been a part of hostelling -- guests performed a small task during their stay to help keep costs low for everyone. Nowadays, our hostel has daily housekeeping and chores are not required, but we appreciate groups being sure to tidy up after themselves by doing things like returning used linens to the front desk, and drying and putting away the dishes they use.

Group Contact Person
Groups are required to select a representative to serve as the main contact for our staff. This guarantees great service and accurate information from hostel staff when you need it. The group contact person conducts official business for the group:

  • Approves and signs the contract
  • Books and makes updates to the reservation
  • Amends the contract with hostel group services, if necessary
  • Provides a single form of payment
  • Answers questions that group members may have about the reservation or the hostel

Group Chaperones
If most of your group is under age 18, you'll need at least one adult chaperone for every ten group members (1:10 ratio). Group chaperones supervise their members and are responsible for them while they're at the hostel.